Why Use A Drone?

If you want to add a new and different perspective to your imagery or promotional photographic work, if you need access to out of reach areas of your building, if you need large areas surveying and documenting.

Using a drone will give you so many advantages, high quality imagery, 4K video footage, high resolution stills, 3D Mapping.

Looking at costly scaffolding just to survey your roof for structural work? Using a drone will cut the costs and time involved, safely and quickly providing the information you need with high quality still or video imagery.

Is it Safe?

We are fully qualified and CAA registered operators, complying with UK aviation regulations and Air Navigation Orders. With a background in military aviation, we are fully aware of all the Air Safety implications to that surround flying drones.

Aerial Photogaphy & Videography

High quality still imagery and 4K video production.

3D Mapping & Site Surveys

Faster, safer and more cost-effective than erecting scaffolding.